Guest services | Hospitality TEAM

Our Hospitality Teams objective is to serve in the simplest form of comfort, by way of offering coffee, tea and water on Sunday morning. We are also available to serve at other functions during the year. We always welcome new people to join with us. Hopefully this will
lead to finding your niche, or be a step toward further exploration into other church ministries. We ask our volunteers to make a one year commitment, one Sunday per month. We strive (devote serious effort or energy) to use our God-given talents to serve the One we are
are all here to ultimately serve, Jesus.  While this is a service team, we also see it as an opportunity to
make new friends, and create a cohesive team.

Here is a simple overview of the tasks necessary for Hospitality:

  • Make fresh coffee on Sunday morning
  • Set up coffee stations before service
  • Keep stations refilled and tidy between services
  • Take down the stations after last service, put everything away, make sure kitchen is clean and ready for next event