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sundays at creekside kidz

This program is for children birth to Preschool age. The staff and volunteers create a safe & fun atmosphere. When you arrive you will check in your child and you and your child will be given a tag with name and matching number.  This is to ensure the safety during drop off and pick up.  During the service your child(ren) will engage in singing, a Bible lesson and age appropriate activities. 


    Creekside’s Nursery & Toddler area is a place where infants and toddlers explore, play and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Children at this age need lots of physical care. We attend to those needs as you worship. We also give these children endless amounts of love, trust, security and affection. We want them to know that they are God’s children and are loved and protected here.  Each child is given a security number and if you are needed they will send you a text while you are in service through our secure check-in software.


    Creekside's preschool program is geared towards helping each child develop their moral and biblical foundation along with their fine and gross motor skills in a fun and safe environment. The teachers share in singing, drama, teaching, crafts, snacks, and play time with other friends.