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Seniors in Need

During this time, we want to be able to help those who are in need.  We have set up a COVID-19 Compassion Team to help.

Please [CLICK HERE] to read about our plan to help those seniors or people in need during this time.


  • Our app and Social Media Pages are your best sources for connection with us and information about what we’re doing. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and make sure you download our app which is available on both iPhone and Android Platforms.
  • We are now streaming at Sundays at 9:30am
  • CYC 180 Youth (6-12th grade) Meet Wednesday Nights at 6pm, Outside with masks.  Contact for details
  • Consider other events postponed until you hear otherwise.

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Guidelines for Church gatherings

July 1, 2020

Creekside Guidelines for Church Gatherings



Surfaces in high-traffic areas, such as chairs, tables, door handles,  bathroom surfaces, door. If guidelines eventually include areas for children, that area will be cleaned as well between services and end of day.

Cleaning supplies for each area will be maintained by Facilities. They will deposit cleaning supplies in Greeters area, Kitchen and Multipurpose Room. Supplies include: Lysol spray and wipes for chairs. Commercial grade cleaner (with proper alcohol percentage) for hard surfaces.

Cleaning will be done between services and at end.

Sanctuary will be cleaned by Hospitality Team. Table coverings will be refreshed and the chairs. Door handles and any other surfaces people may touch around the tech wall.

Outdoor area and bathrooms (surfaces possibly touched) will be cleaned by the First Impressions/Greeters.

Children Staff will clean the surfaces in the Multipurpose Room


For hand-cleaning, bathroom sinks with water, soap and paper towels will be available. Hand-sanitizing stations (touchless) will be throughout the campus; outside bathrooms, at entrances into sanctuary and near gates of entrance and exit. (see map)


Cleaning Company will be contacted to clean the week before July 12.  Tuesday and Friday/Saturday.



Posting of information regarding Masks, Touchless Hand Sanitizers (including map of locations), Social Distancing, will be posted at the main gate entrance and both entrances into the Sanctuary. (Free-standing Message Boards)

Signage and Markers for social distancing will be outside bathrooms and sign for one-person in Women’s bathroom will also be posted. Inside bathrooms will be signs about hand-washing recommendation.


First Impressions

Team will focus on non-touch contact only. No shaking hands, or hugging. 6’ distancing.  No handouts. Main responsibility will be greeting people, answering questions, giving directions and reminding everyone of what expectations are.  We will encourage givers to use online option. There will be a container to deposit contributions into near the exit doors.



At the present time, the Kids program will be during second service  for children Kindergarten through 5th Grade. We can have total of 24 kids (12 per room). They will be required to follow the exact protocol as adults – distancing and face masks.


We will be compliant with the most current rules laid out by Contra Costa County Health Department. (masks, social distancing, etc.)



Re-Gathering – 100 people maximum

In order to keep to 100 people, which includes volunteers and staff, prior sign-up will be required. We are set up for on-line registration. Those who have email addresses, we will send confirmation as well as the most updated requirements/recommendation for attending, from our County as well Creekside’s requirements. If we are notified after a gathering that an attendee tested positive, we will notify every attendees so they can make an informed decision how to personally proceed. We are NOT required to give a list of attendees to the city/county.


Daily Devotionals

As we continue in these uncertain times & unable to gather together, we can continue to move forward together. While there are great online resources available to you, we would like to make available a simply daily devotional to help us refocus on Jesus during these unsettled days & leading into Easter.  CLICK HERE for our daily devotionals

Music Playlists

Worshiping God despite our difficult circumstances is one of the most powerful ways we can stay connected to Him. In and effort to help you do just that, we've created a few playlists that you can listen to via SPOTIFY.

"Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty." Psalms 91:1 NLT