Update from Creekside

5/22/20 UPDATED

pt update - Good News!!!
Greetings Creeksider Friends,
Nellie, keep the barn doors barred! 
We need to go full flaps for landing this big bird!
Actually, it looks like we are getting ready to take off again.  YES! But, we still need to do a pre-flight check list in preparation for lift.
By now, you have likely heard President Trump today declaring churches as “essential.” While I agree with and greatly appreciate President Trumps direct and decisive leadership decision, there is still a significant divide between those who want to fully open and those who say, we are moving too fast.  We know that within this spectrum, we have Creeksiders on both sides and in between.  And, we honor those perspectives.  
So, as we move forward to navigate the minefield of public opinion and personal persuasion, we are going to keep two things at the forefront of our decision making and planning.
  1. Your personal safety.
  2. Your personal security. 
During the past 80+ days our staff have been discussing and trying to anticipate our next steps.  In that time, there have been many unknowns filled with daily changes.  Through it all, our focus has been to have a responsible and Christ honoring attitude toward our government [Romans 13:1-10 & 1 Timothy 2:1-4] mixed with a practical commitment to re-opening with a sane and sensible approach.
This week, prior to today’s declarations by President Trump, we projected for the possibility of a June 21st opening based on what we were “sensing.”  With the latest developments, we now know a public gathering could potentially come sooner than that. That said, we want to do it in the right way, for the reasons, at the right time with the right preparations and guidelines in place. So, our present plans will be:
  • Do our church wide survey.  I noted in previous email that it would be available today [Friday] or Saturday.  But, due to Survey Monkey scheduled for maintenance, on Saturday beginning at 9:00am for 8 hours, nobody would be able to access the survey.  Therefore, we will have it available Sunday afternoon.   
  • Once we compile some data and are aware of any County restrictions, we will let everyone know our “re-launch” date, expectations for gathering and plans for moving forward.
  • Communicate to our teams [First Impressions, Hospitality, Children’s & Youth Ministry, congregation as a whole gathering] the expectations we will need to for safety and security.  And, have whatever is needed in preparation for our relaunch.
As we look forward and prepare, please engage in the following -
Be open to what Jesus wants to do in and through you.
Be ready to serve Him and His.
Know we are committed to you and your family’s safety and security.
Trust Jesus in all.

Much love,
pt & Creekside Staff

Note from Pastor Terry | 4.4.20

Greetings Friends, 

May this email find you blessed, protected and flourishing in this season as we continue to pray for the healing and health of our world.    

I wanted to update you on a few things that are coming up.  

First, our service tomorrow.  As we continue to look at five days of Jesus' Passion week, we will be stepping into John 13.  We will conclude the teaching time with a brief time of communion before Pastor Dustin comes to lead our Creekside KidZ in their lesson time.

Please prepare to have some communion emblems ready for this time.  You may say, "I don't have any crackers or juice!"  Not a problem, find some substitutes. These are only symbols to represent.  THE most memorable communion service I ever led was at a youth retreat I led with 50 students.  And yes, I forgot the communion emblems!  Question: Should I cancel communion or get creative?  I chose the latter.  I found the answer  in liters of Coke and a bag of frosted speckled Animal Crackers.  It is here I learned that it's never about the emblems we serve but the heart we bring to Jesus as we remember and celebrate His work on the cross on our behalf. 

Secondly, Easter week.  This past week, I realized that in the midst of everything taking place in our world, this won't necessarily be a diminished Easter.  As a matter of fact, church attendance nationwide is probably increased due to online availability.  People uncomfortable to go to church now watch from the comfy confines of their home recliner while dressed in P.J's and eating Coca Puffs.  Why should it be any different for Easter?!  

So, I'm enlisting you to be a part of a couple things: 

  1. Would you invite people to our Easter Online service?  We will have invites you can send from our Creekside App and our website.  the best way is still giving a phone call to give them needed information and invite to watch.  People still need hope.  Everyone still needs Jesus in these times! 
  2. I'm inviting you to join me in taking some time during this upcoming week to fast, beginning Monday. The focus is on Easter Sunday that we invite and see people coming to Jesus;  A virus vaccine and saved lives until then.  I've attached a sheet with a brief fly-by on some scriptural points and practical aspects on fasting. Everyone can participate on some level. I'd love to hear from you If you engage. 
  3. I'm putting together a prayer team for this to assist me and I can give some other specific prayer points for this season. If you feel the Lord nudging you in this area of prayer ministry, please let me know and you can join me tomorrow afternoon on a ZOOM meeting at 3:00pm.  Just download zoom at zoom.com and use the following information to sign on.  The meeting will be under an hour where I give some prayer points and we spend some time in prayer.  

Sunday Prayer Meeting | April 5 at 3PM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 997 716 869

If you don't have computer for ZOOM APP - Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

Okay, that is enough for now.  Let's EXPECT A GREAT EASTER!  It's the most unique Easter yet.  It seems like the least exciting ever.  BUT, I anticipate Jesus to do a great work through all of it!  Please pray!  Please invite!  

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving, such a blessing during this season.  And please, if we can assist you in this season in some way, please let us know [Monique@creekside.org] and we will do all we can to serve you and yours.  

Jesus has resurrected! 
Jesus is still on the throne! 
Prayer changes things...especially us! 

You're loved and missed!
Can't wait to gather together again! 
Lord, keep us until that time!

Philippians 3:10,

[Download Fasting Point Here]