God wants to use you to make a difference 

We believe that God wants to use every person to make a difference in the world around them and one of the best ways to do that is through serving the local church. Serving with Team Creekside isn’t about making Creekside a great church…

it’s about growing to be more like Jesus and pointing others towards Him!

Not to mention it’s a fantastic way to meet people and develop relationships with your fellow Creeksiders as you grow.

Serving teams

There’s always plenty of opportunities to serve at Creekside throughout the week and on Sundays, 

so read about our teams below and join Team Creekside today!

  • This team serves a crucial role on our Sunday mornings as their main focus is creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone who joins us for one of our services. Whether they’re greeting, helping our guests, or serving up coffee and treats in our cafe, our Guest Services Team is always making sure we put our best foot forward on Sundays.

    Questions? Email Monique Thompson


    First Impressions Team - Greeters

    Hospitality Team - Coffee & Food

    Online Hosts

  • No matter what position they’re serving in, our Worship Arts Team members play a vital part in making our Sunday morning experience the best it can be. We’re always looking for talented musicians, vocalists, and techs who love to worship and are passionate about helping others engage in worship through our Sunday morning worship. This team is also made up of photographers and videographers who are ready to capture the vibrant and fun life of Creekside as it unfolds.

    Questions? Email Pastor George Willis or Pastor Jesse Rosette



    Media Tech



  • Our Creekside Groups are one of the most vital avenues of ministry in the life of our church and each group leader is crucial to its success! This team strives to create a strong sense of community for everyone who calls Creekside home by hosting groups at various locations throughout the week. Groups can be focused on a particular book or study but they can also be just for socializing through a shared activity or interest.

    Questions? Email Monique Thompson

  • Our Children’s Program is a spirited and exciting ministry that serves families and their children from birth to 5th grade. Volunteer opportunities range from helping families check in to teaching kids in kindergarten through 5th grade but every position is fun! No matter the age of the child you’re investing in or the position you’re serving in, rest assured that you’re making an investment that will last a lifetime.

    Questions? Email Pastor Christina Waldo


    Creekside Kidz Nursery - 5th Grade

    Children Check-in

    Kidz Club (Wed Night) K-5th

    CKZ Community Events

    Game On

  • This team is vital to the life of our church and is the heart and soul of our jr. high and high school ministry! Anyone serving with CYC 180 there are regular opportunities to mentor and disciple our youth, help with games and activities on Wednesday nights, and chaperone during special events as needed.

    Questions? Email Pastor Jesse Rosette


    CYC Youth Staff

    CYC Meal Team

  • We all know that each of us will face difficult times and special events in our lives and our different Compassion Ministry Teams exist to serve those enduring a time when they may need extra support. Whether offering prayer support, visiting someone in their home or a hospital, or bringing someone a meal, volunteers on this team are literally being the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

    Questions? Email Monique Thompson


    Compassion Visitation Team
    Compassion Meal Team

    Compassion Prayer Team

  • Creekside’s campus gets used a lot throughout the year for church events and special events that serve our community. Our Heart for the House Team helps with special projects around campus and ensures that our facility is in tip-top shape for every function, no matter its purpose.

    Questions? Email Monique Thompson


    Campus Team

    Set-Up & Strike Team

    Kitchen Team

  • There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes at Creekside and we’re always looking for people ready to support our staff with their office work. Team members help with keeping things running smoothly at Creekside through administrative tasks like organizing supplies, making calls, and processing paperwork.

    Questions? Email Monique Thompson